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Portfolio Companion Pack

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This Companion Pattern Pack goes with the video on our YouTube video that shows the complete build process of my Leather Portfolios.  If you would like to watch the free video CLICK HERE.

The pattern pack includes all the dimensions of the cut patterns for all the parts to make this portfolio.  Since the portfolio is larger than 8.5" x 11" and ALL of my patterns are instant downloads in PDF format, I had to get a little creative to get the information to fit on something you can print off on your printer.  All the sizes for all the pieces are included as well as any scallop shapes for the pockets in the interiors.

There are also five floral tooling patterns included.  The pattern that I created for the portfolio I made in the video is one of them.  It includes a unique front and back pattern with space for a brand/logo as well as initials. The other four patterns are single patterns.  These are meant to be used for the front as well as the back if you intend to tool both sides.  With these four patterns, there are two that are full floral and two that are corner floral sets with open space left for geometric stamping.  You can also leave these areas plain.  These patterns may need a slight adjustment depending on the width of the border you decide to use but they can be used at current dimensions.

Whether you adapt your own process and incorporate some of my process into your own portfolio builds, or this is your very first attempt at making one of these, I hope that you find these patterns helpful.  Remember that these patterns are instant downloads that you print off on your printer.  This means you will receive them instantly without waiting for the postman.