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DG LeatherCraft

Lined Belt Material Pack

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We created our Lined Belt Material Pack to help you get access to the best possible material you can to create a belt of the highest quality.

*This Material Pack is meant to be used to create a Lined Belt, either sewn or buckstitched.  If you are wanting to instead make a single ply unlined belt, I would recommend a heavier belt blank... around say 10/12 ounces.  (We may offer those soon as well.)

This Material Pack comes with two strips of leather:

    • -A strip of 9/10 ounce measuring 1.5" X 60" to be used as the main body or outside of your belt

    • -A strip of 3/4 ounce measuring 1.75" X 60" to be used as the liner or inside of your belt

Both of these strips of leather are Herman Oak Leather.  This is the leather that I have used for the majority of my career and the Top Choice Leather for most Craftsmen.  If you have been wanting to try making a belt out of Herman Oak Leather but the cost of two sides of leather isn't in the budget, here is a more economical way to do it.

Along with the leather, the pack also comes with a DG LeatherCraft Worksheet that shows you the breakdown of how belts are measured as well as how to determine the cut length needed for the belt that you want to make so that it fits correctly.

We also drew up a New Belt Pattern Pack that has four new patterns on it for you to use on this and future belt projects.

You will have many hours in tooling and making of a lined floral tooled belt, don't put all that time and effort into inferior leather.  Start with Herman Oak Leather and know that the finished product will be made of the highest quality leather on the market.