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Lined Belt Material Pack - Blemish Grade

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This is the same Material Pack as our Lined Belt Material Packs, but the leather in these packs are what I call "culls or 2nd's."  The strips of Herman Oak Leather in these pack will have blemishes in the grain or hair side that may show up in the completed belt.  As I cut belt blanks for our Material Packs, I set any with obvious blemishes off to the side and don't use them in our premium packs.  After a few months of selling these material packs, these culls have piled up.  I use these in my custom orders, but I have too many and so we are offering them to you at a reduced price.

These belt strips and liners WILL HAVE blemishes consisting of scars, bot marks, color changes, and other imperfections which cause me to cull them.  The leather is the same leather as our premium packs and will tool and dye the same.  The only difference with these are the blemishes in the grain.