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Introduction to Leather Floral Design

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"Introduction to Leather Floral Design" is an eBook designed to give you a foundation for designing you own floral patterns for your leathercraft projects.  

This book discusses the ideas and concepts behind flow, balance and basic construction of the primary elements as well as the vine work structure found in all floral design work.  If you are wanting to learn how to draw your own patterns and have the freedom in your work that this skills allows, then this eBook will be a great addition to your resource collection.

Bonus FREE 5 DAY FLORAL DESIGN MINI eCOURSE.  This mini course dives even deeper into the concepts of design right through your email once a day for 5 days after you purchase the ebook!

A short Floral Design Mini eCourse that will include exercises and lessons that will dive deeper into key areas of this book.  This eCourse will be delivered to your email once a day over a 5 day period.  You will receive this mini eCourse for free with the purchase of this eBook.

If you want to begin your journey to becoming a skilled floral designer, then this eBook and FREE email course will surely help you accomplish your goals!



Do you want to dive deeper than just an eBook?  We have expanded this eBook into an In Depth Online Course!

In our Premium Online Course "How to Draw Leather Floral Patterns," you will not only receive a copy of this eBook but also have almost 5 hours of video along with worksheets to refer to as you work to improve your drawing skills.  This course is one that we have taught live and in person but now you can attend in the comfort of your own shop or home.

For more information and pricing of this course visit DG LeatherCraft Academy for more information.